Webinar Wednesday - Cloud Discovery: Google Voice 


Now available for business!


Google Voice is a cloud telephony service that gives you a phone number that works from anywhere, on any device.


With Google’s AI built in, Voice can help you transcribe voicemails and block spam calls. Voice also uses text-to-speech technology to automatically create call menus in up to nine languages, so that you don’t have to worry about recording messages or translation. Lastly, Voice is easy for admins to provision and manage, since it takes care of number assignment, porting and billing.


During this Webinar Wednesday, G Suite Consultant Mathijs Raes, Voice Advisor Jean-Baptiste Gougis and Google Voice Specialists, Umesh Sathiamoorthy and Pape Cisse will give you a live demo of the Voice features, discuss its value proposition and pricing plans for regular and enterprise customers.


Don't miss out on this great introduction!




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