Join the Acer GREEN Rewards

Give your old laptops new life.
Benefit for you, benefit for the environment!



Hand in 25 or more old IT devices




Get the value refunded to your bank account




Get a sustainability certificate with CO2 savings





Save CO2 and money!

To enable employees to work pleasantly and to optimize productivity, they receive a new company laptop every two to three years.

But what do you do with the old laptops? Are the devices slowly but surely piling up in the cupboard or in the warehouse?

What if you could have all that hardware picked up, get money for it in return and make a contribution to the circular economy at the same time?

It's all possible thanks to the Acer GREEN Rewards!







Acer GREEN Rewards

Creating positive impact and change for our planet

Acer for Business, Chrome OS and g-company joined forces to contribute to CO2 reduction.

In the Acer GREEN Rewards program old devices are picked up and refurbished, reused or recycled according to the circular economy principle.

By joining the program, you do not only create a financial benefit, but also an environmental one. So that's a win-win!




    How does it work?

    • Hand in 25 or more operational A-brand IT devices with a CPU (laptop, tablet, phone, etc)
    • Get the value refunded to your bank account
    • Purchase 10 or more Acer Chromebooks
    • Receive a sustainability certificate with CO2 savings
    • This promotion expires on 5 September 2022

    Take action, have your old laptops collected, receive a refund and contribute to the CO2 reduction! Contact us using this form so we can get you started!





    Fun fact: No one was ever able to hack an Acer Chromebook!